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Stay Young & Full of Vigor

Boost your self-esteem by getting rid of troublesome acne and other skin problems with acne products from LOGOR Cosmetics. Using proven active ingredients such as AcnacidolBG, you can be sure our products will give you excellent results you will love in no time. LOGOR Cosmetics also offers quality products to help you get rid of oily skin. Check out our tried and tested skin cleanser and oil control products to give you soft and fresh-looking skin that will surely make you stand out for the right reasons. Your skin can tell volumes about you, and we can help you dazzle people by looking ageless with our line of anti-aging products. We also offer breakthrough technologies and formulations such as Mesotherapy, Deliner®, Dermaxyl®, and Argireline to give you healthy skin that brings out the best in you.

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About Us

LOGOR Cosmetics in Sherman Oaks, California, offers skin care products for acne, wrinkles, or simply maintaining healthy skin. Let us keep you fresh and youthful-looking with our effective formulations.

For more than 15-years, our company has been dedicated to producing the finest and most advanced treatments for skin of all types and ages. We use the latest developments and newest ingredients in the market such as Micropatch marine, Affinisphere marine, plant peptides, and antioxidant cocktails to give you products that produce excellent and consistent results.

LOGOR Cosmetics incorporates Nature's most enriching botanicals, pure vitamins and minerals to create formulations replenish, rebalance, and reinvigorate your skin both within and without. It is also our mission to make our products affordable to you without sacrificing excellence.

Products Shipped Nationwide, including Areas within a 100-Mile Radius from Sherman Oaks in California